Crisi e pandemia: come ritornare alla normalità?

The effects of the Covid, the crisis, the economic difficulties, the price rises on raw materials, what have they led to (and what will they lead to)?

Alberto Dalla Libera, in Qui Nordest, a 7GOLD program dedicated to the protagonists of the territory, responds with a rather immediate example.

There is talk of an accumulated debt that we could have repaid in about two years. Now, unfortunately, according to estimates, the years to be able to restore it have risen to five. The financial suffering has increased significantly.

Key word: synergy

Alberto Dalla Libera, together with Dott. Domenico Barbieri, Asset Management Consultant of Sanpaolo Invest, discuss several issues at WHO Northeast to take stock of the situation.

In a not easy situation, the collaboration between the two figures, that of the accountant as a business world and that of the asset advisor as private banking, has the ability to create a useful synergy to provide a complete overview able to help families and SMEs.

It is therefore clear, now more than ever, how important it is to have a real-time and effective management of its balance sheets through control panels constantly under control that allow to eliminate the margins of error in the balance sheets and company through analysis and monitoring in order to limiting negative impact as much as possible and providing strategic assets through Business Intelligence, digital business management.

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