Come conformarsi alle nuove norme del codice della crisi d'impresa?

Studio Dalla Libera & Partners starts from digital management control

We often talk about adequate organisational arrangements, but how can we respect them and respect the new rules of the new ICC?

The new Corporate Crisis Code (CCI) introduces a framework of new non-judicial institutions into our legal system and gives priority to: in a broad sense, adoption of an appropriate framework as responsibility by the same companies in structuring their internal preventive controls aimed at avoiding risks of financial as well as economic default.

There is no precise specification in the standard that describes in detail how the company makes itself compliant.

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A good practice

We can identify a good practice by drawing on the set of rules that the new CCI introduces, understanding its rationale.

In fact, the new CCI, very mitigated compared to the debut of D.LGS 14/2019, also because of the Pandemic from Covid19, has as its goal not so much to intercept companies in crisis or at risk of default, but to provide a set of legislative instruments aimed at preventing these risks and at the same time supporting or at least preventing the company from entering crisis mechanisms before it is too late, as a result of late choices or wrong choices on the part of the management or the entrepreneur.

The model developed by Studio Dalla Libera & Partners

In this sense, Studio Dalla Libera has developed digital management control models that allow the company to implement structured periodic controls through interactive tools that draw in real time from company data bases and are able to represent the general and analytical management situation.

These models include the construction of dashboards that allow you to navigate the digitized budget of your company, through appropriate reclassifications, aimed at providing economic, capital and financial indicators, able to give an immediate judgment. In addition, the user has the possibility to enter in detail the balance sheet components of income statement, balance sheet and financial plan, up to the writing of the account, the movement that composes it, the documents that feed it, by date and subject.

Integrating the schedule, you can also check the flows of income and expenses at any time, filtering by date, customer or supplier, amounts, etc. Then obtain a detailed ageing, quantify the exposure to customers or suppliers, the expired and then reclassify the operations at risk and quantify their consistency.

Rebuilding the sales scenarios

On the commercial side, it is possible to reconstruct the scenario of sales by customer, market, product, sales network or sales channel, on a time basis to determine an interactive scenario of seasonality, trend comparison, trends and make valid projections. Or get an ABC or TOP20 classification per product or per customer, monitor the effects, margins and reactivity in real time.

Investigations that can then be shared with the management, with the departments or centers of responsibility, or with negotiating partners or financiers such as banks, credit insurance, board of directors and board of auditors.

Also dimensions like the warehouse, the human resources, the production or the orders, can be monitored in order to obtain valid pointers that allow to take informed choices in matter of investment (purchase) or disinvestment (sale).

An adequate set-up therefore foresees a continuous and systematic monitoring, not without an approach conforming to the business model and to the market in which the company operates in order to be able to offer a reading that takes into account the efficiency, performance, allowing to identify timely areas of improvement that otherwise without a digital system would be difficult to put together and make dialogue with each other.

The Studio Dalla Libera & Partners in Padua offers its customers all the experience in the field, combined with a deep knowledge of professional techniques, to offer advanced and digital models for a digital management control.