Corporate Finance Consultancy

In the business world there is growing awareness of the need to plan and monitor carefully the balance of financial management. Growth, investment and development objectives must also be balanced in financial flows, the dynamics of which must be carefully planned.

An advanced approach to corporate finance involves anticipating the emergence of potential needs or the assessment of strategic opportunities.

The Studio Dalla Libera & Partners, in Piazza Giacomo Zanellato, Padua, can accompany customers in the verification of balance and financial sustainability through the analysis of the structure of sources and uses, integrating it with the development or revision of forward plans and scenarios.
We offer technical support in the structuring of financial and investment transactions and we take care of the relationship with banks and financial stakeholders in general.
Together with the company we develop financial rebalancing plans when a targeted intervention is needed, aimed at avoiding the worsening of crisis or pre-crisis states.

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